The Rising Threat of BlackCat Ransomware: A Call for Proactive Defense for Your Business

With cyber-attacks escalating, businesses in Corpus Christi and around the world, need to fortify their defenses by partnering with reputed Managed IT and Cyber Security Services like CoreRecon. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a new malicious entity has emerged, known as the BlackCat Ransomware, posing a formidable threat to businesses worldwide, including those in Corpus … Read more

BlackCat Ransomware Group Targets Azure Cloud Storage

Corpus Christi, Texas – The BlackCat (ALPHV) ransomware group has notably modified its arsenal, leveraging stolen Microsoft accounts and a fresh encryption tool termed Sphynx, aiming predominantly at victims’ Azure cloud storage. The findings emerged when Sophos X-Ops incident responders were examining a security infringement. These digital offenders showcased an evolved Sphynx version with distinctive … Read more

The Need for Specialized Cyber Security in Healthcare: Beyond Traditional IT Services

In the technologically driven world of modern healthcare, the integration of digital systems has become an integral part of patient care. From electronic health records to telehealth consultations, digital advancements offer unprecedented convenience and efficiency. However, these advantages come with significant cyber risks. Even for healthcare institutions with robust IT departments or outsourced IT services, … Read more

Leveraging Cybersecurity Audits: The Future of Underwriting Cyber Insurance

The digital age has brought forth innumerable benefits to businesses worldwide. However, as firms become more reliant on digital systems, the associated risks and vulnerabilities also increase. A prominent concern in this landscape is cyber threats. With incidents of cyberattacks, data breaches, and digital espionage on the rise, the demand for cyber insurance policies is … Read more

Why schools are convenient targets for ransomware attacks?

In 2022, the education sector was the one that saw the most ransomware assaults, according to recent data from a top global cybersecurity firm. According to Sophos’ State of Ransomware in Education 2023 report, an alarming increase from 56% in 2021, 80% of K–12 schools reported being the targets of ransomware assaults. With nearly half … Read more