Cybersecurity. Compliance Solutions. Managed IT Support. Tailored for Non-Profit Organizations

For more than 7 years, the IT & Cyber Security Services for Non-Profits from CoreRecon help nonprofit organizations accomplish their goals and further their causes.

Use Technology to Scale Your Non-Profit Organization

CoreRecon, a pioneer in the managed services sector, has a wealth of knowledge working with non-profit organizations, offering top-notch security first, followed by IT management.

At CoreRecon, we recognize that non-profit organizations have a goal to fulfill and that technology is a tool to do so. With proactive IT & Cyber Security management, we assist non-profit groups around the nation, empowering them to concentrate on furthering their causes while we take care of making sure the technology is there to support you along the road.

When investing in technology, our non-profit clients frequently face budget constraints, but they also understand that having the right tools and a strong cybersecurity posture will better support their staff, advance their mission, and demonstrate good resource management.

By ensuring there is a solid technological foundation on which non-profit organizations can expand their reach, CoreRecon helps. We are committed to helping your business achieve its goals, and we want to work alongside you to do so.

Increase your production

We use specialized cyber security and IT solutions for our non-profit clients that take into consideration the challenging settings and sometimes severe circumstances in which they must operate. These distinctive cyber security and IT solutions for non-profits are nothing new for CoreRecon.

Our Managed cyber security & IT Services for Non-Profit Organizations are a customized solution offering a complete IT & cyber security support team that is highly engaged, game-changing best practices, and a comprehensive IT strategy. Our clients are confident that their IT systems will be able to do the task quickly and affordably.


Battle-hardened security And IT Services

24/7 Managed Cybersecurity

24/7 Security Threat Monitoring

Penetration Testing

Internal and External Security Assessments

Cyber Policy Audit & Advisement

Dark Web Scanning

Incident Response & Data Breach Remediation

Network Architecture Audit & Advisement

PCI/DSS Compliance

HIPAA/OCR/HHS Compliance Audits

NIST, DISA, & SOC Assessment

Government and NGO Cyber Threat Solutions

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