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For more than 7 years, we have been managing cyber security and IT infrastructure in providing assistance to customers in the Distribution & Wholesale sector. Several locations in several states? Not a problem.

Distribution and Wholesale IT & cyber Security Services

For the distribution and wholesale sector, CoreRecon has a proven track record of offering Managed IT & Cyber Security Services that have eventually aided our clients’ growth in productivity, decrease and elimination of order and shipment errors, and expansion of operating margin.

We can assist if you require mobile solutions for field workers, merchandisers, sales, and delivery staff, WMS, or pervasive WiFi in your warehouses. You may count on us to do the work if you’re considering an ERP migration and update to increase uptime for systems that are essential to shipping and sales operations.

CoreRecon is in a unique position to be your strategic partner in leveraging IT resources that will lower issues and errors in your business, create accuracy and efficiencies, and ultimately help you improve your operating margin.

CoreRecon has over a decade of experience providing managed IT & Cyber Security services for distribution and wholesale industry companies. Distributors and wholesalers who use managed IT services will benefit from the strengthening, securing, and support of their IT infrastructure as well as excellent advice on how to meet their business objectives and get the most out of every dollar spent on IT.

Increase your production

We use specialized cyber security and IT solutions for our Distribution & Wholesale clients that take into consideration the challenging settings and sometimes severe circumstances in which they must operate. These distinctive cyber security and IT solutions for Distribution & Wholesale firms are nothing new for CoreRecon.

Our Managed cyber security & IT Services for Distribution & Wholesale are a customized solution offering a complete IT & cyber security support team that is highly engaged, game-changing best practices, and a comprehensive IT strategy. Our clients are confident that their IT systems will be able to do the task quickly and affordably.


Battle-hardened security And IT Services

24/7 Managed Cybersecurity

24/7 Security Threat Monitoring

Penetration Testing

Internal and External Security Assessments

Cyber Policy Audit & Advisement

Dark Web Scanning

Incident Response & Data Breach Remediation

Network Architecture Audit & Advisement

PCI/DSS Compliance

HIPAA/OCR/HHS Compliance Audits

NIST, DISA, & SOC Assessment

Government and NGO Cyber Threat Solutions

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