Managed Cybersecurity & IT Support For Your Franchise

We have secured the IT environments and been selected as the critical response team for multiple cyber threat incidents that affected Global Franchise brands like Chili’s and Domino’s among others. We established stable and predictable Cybersecurity solutions for those brands while also offering strategy and support for regulatory compliance. We secure your brand online so you can focus on selling the opportunity

What happened to Dominos? Listen in as John our CEO explains what happened and how we helped get their brand back on track.

This is why franchise brands work with us.

Our franchise-specialized cybersecurity services are primarily geared toward three levels of need: Companies just beginning their franchise journey, growing franchises that have multiple markets established, and finally, top-performing brands with thousands of locations already in operation who are looking to secure their enterprise-level digital infrastructure.

  • New brands starting their franchise journey. These brands usually have a smaller need and may only have a few dozen computers to secure and maybe a server or two. We provide affordable cybersecurity packages for these brands to begin protecting their data and their customer’s data from day one.
  • Growing Franchise Brands. These clients are looking to improve on an established franchise system, hire personnel, increase their operating efficiency, improve quality, or increase franchise sales effectiveness.
  • Established Brands. CoreRecon provides custom solutions for helping these brands secure their enterprise-level cybersecurity and managed IT needs.

And here’s John Martinez, our CEO and a Cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience, to explain why Franchise brands need to be protected.

A Specialized Advantage

Franchise brands are under greater pressure than ever to deliver rapidly, outperform their rivals in terms of value to clients, and adapt to the constantly shifting rules and regulations of the business.

With its specialist Managed Cyber Security & IT Services for Franchise Brands, CoreRecon provides the knowledge required to handle these legal concerns and make the most of IT resources to meet your company’s immediate and long-term objectives.

Organizations including the SEC, FINRA, and your state’s regulation department have established guidelines on tracking data access, protecting company networks from cyber-liability, disclosing infiltration attempts, and creating disaster recovery plans. These concerns have been carefully taken into account by CoreRecon as we create an outsourced cyber security & IT solution for the franchise businesses.

Protect your Franchise brand with confidence

The infrastructure specialists at CoreRecon can work with your team as a competent partner, offering advice, solutions, and support on the unique IT and cyber security issues that Franchisors and Franchisees must deal with.


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