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Wanna see how easy it is to get your website hacked?

Local SEO is just one of the many IT services we provide as a Managed Services Provider.

One of our clients made an error by using a VOIP business phone service that, while the price was “right”, the service did not meet their requirements. CoreRecon had listed the company’s phone number in dozens of internet business listing directories ( in Local SEO parlance, these are known as Citations ).

So our client was forced to get a new phone service and needed CoreRecon to update about 75 listings across the web.

To double check, we googled the old number just to make sure the directories had updated and there were no straggler listings, to our amazement, we stumbled upon a list of what purports to be dozens of previously cracked MySQL database passwords

Cracked MySQL passwords
Cracked MySQL passwords posted to Google for anyone to see


It is not only that easy for hackers to crack the hashes that conceal the passwords to your company’s vital databases, but those nefarious players freely share this info among themselves and do so right out in the open on Google




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