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Wait, the Healthcare Industry Still Uses CDs?

The healthcare industry is still using CDs

Many people have stopped using CD-ROMS, mostly because it’s a lot easier to either save it on a thumb drive or just save it to the cloud. Many people have become migrating to the cloud and it’s beneficial mostly because work can be done virtually anywhere with an internet connection. A lot of PCs and laptops do not come with CD drives anymore. Overall, it’s beginning to become obsolete. This means that if a place needs to view CDs they must purchase an external disc drive. Downloading and burning CDs is also time-consuming as well.

So why are some people still using CDs? If you work in the healthcare industry then you know that CDs are essential in the workplace. They are vital because radiologists must use these to store medical images. The reason that the healthcare industry must use CDs is that not all doctors use the same software. The only way these images can be viewed anywhere is with a CD-ROM. The downside to a thumb drive is some lack the space capacity for these images. Let’s open our minds and think of the future. In fact, the cloud is the future of the healthcare industry. Technology continues to evolve and so should we.

However, there is now a group dubbed Ditch the Disk*. They are all for heading to the cloud and trying to get rid of the use of CDs. Is it time to say goodbye to CD-ROMs? Let me know what you think below. Thanks for reading!

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Creds to for bringing the movement to our attention.

*Find out more about Ditch the Disk at

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