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Threat Management

What is threat managment?

Threat management is a term used to respond and identify a threat in a timely and accurate manner. Many internal IT departments do not have the resources or time to investigate every cyber threat that affects your business. CoreRecon will evaluate your network and your infrastructure to determine the best threat management plan tailored for your business. After all, we have an entire room dedicated to threat protection, and that room is called the network security operations center, also known as NSOC.

There are three different challenges that businesses face when it comes to cyber threats.

Lack of resources

As stated before, some internal IT departments do not have all the resources needed to detect these cyber threats. As technology continues to evolve, cyber-attacks continue to find new ways to infiltrate your network. CoreRecon has many tools available and can detect various anomalies. The NSOC displays all threats, and your network stays under monitoring 24/7. Our team at CoreRecon has complete visibility of your infrastructure from internal threats to external threats. We have the tools to protect your network, and we aren’t afraid to use them against hackers. Our solutions integrate and ensure that no risk goes undetected.

Insufficient time

Many internal IT departments lack the time it takes to monitor your infrastructure thoroughly. When it comes to cyber threats, we do not take a break. There must be mitigation and investigation to ensure that all risks are identified and properly removed. At CoreRecon, we provide 24/7 network monitoring, and we have dedicated security analysts to remain on watch.

Inadequate Number of Staff

When it comes to cyber security, there must be skilled security analysts that will continuously monitor it. Some internal IT departments will only have technicians available to handle the number of computers the business has. However, it doesn’t take into consideration how many threats are continually attacking each computer and user. There must be enough hands on deck to continue proactively monitoring the network regarding cyber threats. At CoreRecon, we have the time, and we have the staff to monitor and keep your network protected.

Is Your data protected?