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24/7 Security Monitoring


Are you confident you can detect attackers and serious problems as they occur?

Even if you’re conducting frequent network or security audits to assess your network for vulnerabilities, it may not be enough — after all, your network operates in a world that is continuously evolving, connected 24/7 and a perpetual target for attackers.

The health and security of your network require continuous security monitoring to collect real-time data across your systems, with contextual analysis to prioritize your actions and adapt your security program on an ongoing basis.

CoreRecon’s Continuous Security Monitoring collects data from multiple sensors to provide an advanced analysis of the vulnerability, threat, network traffic, and event information to deliver a continuous view of IT security across your environment. It gives you the information you need to continuously improve your security posture to protect your organization.

Active Scanning: Thoroughly analyze assets and identify vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and malware

Continuous Listening: Monitor network traffic in real-time and obtain information on which assets are connected to the network and how they are communicating.

Host Data Monitoring: Identify suspicious behavior as it occurs by actively monitoring host activities and events, including who is accessing hosts and what is changing.

Dashboards and Reports: Utilize a curated library of interactive dashboards and reports, updated daily, to view security information in an actionable format to speed malware hunting and kill chain disruption.

“Continuous monitoring isn’t just continuous scanning where a new scan is initiated when the previous scan completes. It includes real-time network and host activity monitoring to provide additional context.”
IDC Technology Spotlight: Guarding the 3rd Platform of IT with Continuous Security Monitoring, October, 2015.
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