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Encrypted backups

Data Encryption

As a business owner, you have lots of things to worry about, from making payroll to finding new clients. It is easy to understand why things like the security of your data and your network infrastructure’s safety often fall through the cracks. But just because something is easy to overlook does not mean you can afford to ignore it.

Consider what would happen to your business if all your critical files were suddenly gone, your customer data, your client list, your contacts – everything. Chances are your business would be crippled, probably beyond repair. Trust CoreRecon to implement encrypted backups for your business. Encrypted backups assure that your backups are protected. Encryption enables your backup to be translated into a secret language so no one can easily obtain your data.

Cloud Backups

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are utilizing the cloud as a backup solution, are you? Cloud backups are essential in the workplace because it allows data to be stored offsite. If your business encounters a natural disaster and your physical backups are lost, you will be able to retrieve your data from the cloud. Instead of being forced to start over, you will now be up and running within hours. It’s always best to have as many backup solutions as possible to ensure your employees have access to crucial data.