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Security Solutions

Quick Turnaround

CoreRecon’s agile approach and reporting allows you to quickly address any gaps in your architecture and system design. The turnaround time for a security architecture assessment engagement is four weeks in most cases.

Reliable Performance

CoreRecon’s enterprise quality management program, helps you meet your requests and effectively manage the cost and schedule for each engagement by aligning resources and schedules.

Professional Services

Time to take your Security serious and do not make it an After Thought.
An insecure design cannot be made secure by applying security as an afterthought. Provide your customers with reassurance that the solution meets their security needs by ensuring that the system architecture and configuration meet their unique requirements.

A Security Architecture Assessment can help you start with a secure architecture and provide guidance on how to implement that architecture in a secure manner. This “built-in security” approach provides assurance that your solution meets the security objectives, and will ultimately reduce the cost of developing, testing, and certifying your product. Where appropriate, the assessment report can form the foundation for the system certification and accreditation activities.

Key Features

Everyone interested in cyber security understands the benefits of evaluating system architecture early in the development lifecycle. CoreRecon is uniquely qualified to collaborate with customer product teams at every stage of the lifecycle to produce secure system architectures and develop trustworthy solutions.


Initial Security Architecture Review


Onsite Assessment


Initial Report


Teleconference Follow-Up


Final Report

Contact Us

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Fast Response Time

CoreRecon Provides fast response times.  With the submission of a ticket or phone call, we will have a technician reach out to you as soon as possible.

Our Network Associates

There are only two types of companies:  those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”  – Robert Mueller, Former FBI Director

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