Worried about Cyber Attacks?…

Don’t neglect the physical security of your business.

With the almost daily drumbeat of data breaches and cyber attacks, a business owner could be forgiven for thinking that every threat comes from the Internet. But while no business can afford to be nonchalant about cybersecurity, the online world is not the only – or even the most likely – a place for an attack to originate.

No matter what the nature of the business, attacks, and break-ins are just as likely to come from the real world. If you are neglecting the physical security of your business, you could be putting yourself, your workers, and your company at risk.

There are many different ways to improve the security of your business. You probably already have strong locks on the doors and windows, but installing security cameras at all the entrances and exits could boost your security even more. The mere presence of a security camera is enough to send many would-be thieves fleeing, and having that surveillance system connected to your home computer or smartphone gives you an extra layer of reassurance.

If you are worried about employee theft, installing an unobtrusive but comprehensive surveillance system in the office or factory is a smart move. As a business owner, you might think that your biggest threat is a break-in or after-hours robbery, but employee theft could be just as devastating. Installing a surveillance system in the office and letting workers know the cameras are rolling could be enough to ensure ethical behavior.

If your business handles confidential documents or personal information, the physical security of your facility should extend to the trash bins out back. Simply throwing away those documents could put your clients and customers at risk – shredding those documents is the best way to keep that information safe from prying eyes.

Controlling physical access to your business is another important part of securing the premises. You can always lock the doors when you leave for the night, but what if you have employees who need to come in early or stay after regular business hours?

Installing an access card system is a great way to control who has access to your property and at what hours. You can code the security badge of each employee or department to restrict access to their actual working hours. If an employee needs to come in early or stay late, you can adjust their access times with the touch of a button or the click of a mouse. Keeping your business safe online is important, but offline security is just as important. Making a few physical upgrades to your facility could vastly improve the safety and security of your business and even protect you from legal liability.


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