Wanna see how easy it is to get your website hacked?

Local SEO is just one of the many IT services we provide as a Managed Services Provider.

One of our clients made an error by using a VOIP business phone service that, while the price was “right”, the service did not meet their requirements. CoreRecon had listed the company’s phone number in dozens of internet business listing directories ( in Local SEO parlance, these are known as Citations ).

So our client was forced to get a new phone service and needed CoreRecon to update about 75 listings across the web.

To double check, we googled the old number just to make sure the directories had updated and there were no straggler listings, to our amazement, we stumbled upon a list of what purports to be dozens of previously cracked MySQL database passwords

Cracked MySQL passwords
Cracked MySQL passwords posted to Google for anyone to see


It is not only that easy for hackers to crack the hashes that conceal the passwords to your company’s vital databases, but those nefarious players freely share this info among themselves and do so right out in the open on Google




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What is an SEO Assessment and Why You’d Want One

an SEO audit will tell you what’s working on your website, what’s not and how you can improve it to rank better and thus, generate more leads.


If your competition is outranking you, either:

They have something going on that you DON’T


you have some sort of Google Penalty ( the rough equivalent to “Google Demerits” ) assigned against you ( and they don’t)

With an SEO audit, you pay a company to forensically examine your site and apply its expertise to identify problems and offer solutions.


That doesn’t mean, “fix it”, it means “find out what needs to be fixed”


So how DOES Google determine which site should be listed at the top and what hierarchy the sites deemed to be less important should be displayed in it’s search engine?

The first thing we need to realize is “it’s Google’s DoJo“, Google is not a public utility, it’s a “for profit” company. Google does, however, have the best interests of it’s users at heart, because by doing so, it’s share holders benefit.

From Google’s perspective… not so long ago, we used to “submit” our websites to Google, now Google can find your website with or without you taking any action, that’s accomplished via Internet Bots

Some “Bots” are designed to be “malicious”, Googlebot is the internet (ro)bot that scours the web to index website it finds… it then passes what it finds off to a “scoring algorithm”, an algorithm is a computer program that measures what it finds against a predetermined criteria that Google assigned.

IN ESSENCE the goal of your website is NOT to be conjure up  emotions in a human, for the purpose of evoking a response ( such as they’re prompted to ORDER NOW)… the goal of your website is to be DEEMED AUTHORITATIVE in Google’s eyes

Business owners come to us to improve their ranking in Google, in order to do that, we have to find out what is wrong.

List of what you get from an SEO Assessment:

  1. A description of the current state of the web site – A detailed analysis on how the web site is performing in search, social media, number of internal/external links and any other information related to the web site’s existing state.
  2. A list of recommended actions to take in order to improve how the site performs, together with explanations for every item in the list.
  3. A report describing a complete Digital marketing strategy for taking advantage of all available sources of traffic and opportunities on the Internet, Social Media, Smartphones, Tablets and not just SEO.

Web designers mistakenly believe the intended audience is a human, it is not, eventually it is but not until AFTER Google views your domain as The Authority in your genre. After that happens, then you worry about human user experience.

Fee for small business local SEO Assessment: $400

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